I started Pilates 3 years ago with a sore knee – osteoarthritis – and nothing much happening in my core. For me, it was about managing my knee pain, and putting off a knee replacement for as long as possible. What I get from the Dynamic Pilates team is a commitment to working with me to get pain free, but also to do more than that, to develop strength and flexibility. I have hardly any knee pain now. That’s largely down to Dynamic Pilates.
- Gill Palmer

Pilates with Chantal has been great for me. The sessions have been enjoyable and stretching, in many ways; but not tiring – I always finish with more energy than I had at the beginning. Chantal carefully adjusts the routine to match what I need – either harder or lighter. It works. I sit straighter in my chair at work, my head leans easily against the car headrest, and after three years of walking under a particular beam in a carpark I now bang my head on it.
- Matthew Palmer

The flyer said ‘Choose You’ – and I did. When i started Pilates I had very poor posture, my back hurt, and flexibility was not great. I was a mess! Chantal and I built a good rapport, with her always pushing me to attain the next goal, but mindful of my knee or back, or both! If I couldn’t achieve the goal one way, we’d re-adjust and tackle it another way. She has built a team of highly professional teachers who are very supportive of all their clients. From mat, to reformer, to tower, and the chair, each brings something different, and I’m never short of a challenge.
Catherine Pearless