Information for New Pilates Clients

Dynamic Pilates welcomes new clients of all abilities and experience.

Regardless of your level of fitness, age, or whether you live an active lifestyle or not, Pilates is an excellent way of maintaining or getting your body into peak condition.

Please look around the website to see information on Classes, Timetables and Prices.

Before you start with us, or if you have any questions, please contact us by email:

All new clients to complete a Health Screening assessment as part of the Client Information Form.

This form helps to advise us of any health issues that may affect you during the class. It is also recommended you check with your medical practitioner before commencing any of our classes.

To download a Client Information Form pleaseĀ click here. Bring it along to your first session.

Are you new to pilates?

We run Introductory Mat sessions for new clients. These sessions focus on the principles, phrases and foundation exercises used in Classical Pilates. The course raises awareness of posture, breathing and controlling body movement.

Once you have completed eight sessions, or earlier if your teacher agrees, you can move on to beginner level Mat sessions.

Mat sessions are the foundation of pilates. We recommend all clients continue regular Mat sessions regardless of their advancing level. Tower, Reformer and Chair classes are an extension to Mat work, not a replacement. If you want to move on to one of these equipment classes, please discuss this with your Mat teacher before booking a class.

Have you done pilates at a gym?

You may find our pilates sessions quite different from what you may have experienced in a mass gym class. Classical Pilates focuses on a range of movements that build as your strength progresses. If you’ve done pilates at a gym, we still recommend you join one of our introduction sessions to master our foundation movements. You can discuss moving to a higher class with your teacher afterwards.

Do you have pilates experience at another studio?

If you are new to our studio, but not new to pilates, please email the studio before you make a booking so we can discuss the best level class to challenge you but keep you safe. We would prefer you joined a Mat class for a session or two before booking into equipment classes.

Have you experienced pilates at a physio or other rehab centre?

Our sessions are group sessions aimed at making healthy bodies stronger rather than focusing on fixing broken bodies. If you have a recent or historical injury but you still have good movement, we are happy to help you slightly modify our movements.

If you have a more significant injury, or one requiring lots of modifications, we recommend Private Sessions with one of our trained teachers until your body is back to strength.

New Client FAQs

What do I wear/bring? Bare feet, fitting workout clothes. We strongly recommend you bring your own pilates mat, or else bring a towel to cover our loan mats.

How long are the sessions? Sessions are generally 45 minutes.

Do we copy the movements of a teacher during class? Unlike most gym classes, our teachers don’t do the movements in front of you. Instead they talk you through the movements while they walk around the small group to correct your form. You will find the sessions are similar from week to week.

When do your introductory classes start? Introductory Pilates classes are run as a block course of 8 weekly sessions. Please email the studio to find out when the course is running

Do I have to come every week? We recommend all clients come at least once a week, more if they want to see real improvements. Our concession cards are based on coming at least once a week.

Can I book a Reformer/Tower/Chair session? Group equipment sessions are generally for intermediate level clients. There are some beginner sessions, but these are for people who have been coming to beginner level Mat sessions for some time. Due to the nature of the equipment, there is a risk of injury if you aren’t strong enough to perform the moves. Mat teachers are the best judge of when you might be ready to try an equipment session. Please note there is limited availability for these sessions, particularly reformer classes. Please consider this before purchasing an equipment concession card.

How do the concession cards work? Our concession cards are valid for 8 (Introductory classes), 10 (Senior Mat classes), 12 or 24 sessions for Mat, Floor and Equipment classes. There is no expiry date on a concession card.

Do I have to book? You need to book into every session at Dynamic Pilates. As we are a small studio with limited size, we ask everyone to book in.

How do I book? Click on this websites page called “online booking” for help. Please note all new clients must contact the studio by email initially in order to activate online booking the first time.