Dynamic Cross Training

The Dynamic Pilates Cross Training circuit is a high energy circuit style session to get your heart pumping and your lungs gasping before breakfast.

Think squats, lunges, kettle bell swings, tricep dips and of course some great abdominal exercises! You’d think one minute stints on each exercise would be easy – it’s not! However this class IS suitable for all fitness levels as you work at your own pace to improve both cardiovascular fitness and strength.

This is not a Pilates based class and does not require you to know any Pilates moves. Class sizes are controlled to ensure our instructors can make sure everyone has proper form, and to add modifications if needed. You can join a Cross Training session anytime – go on, try it out.

The Dynamic Pilates Cross Training Circuit

The class is 45min total including the warm-up / warm-down).

Sample circuit – repeat 4 times

Station 1 – Tricep dips & Chair pull-ups – 30sec each

- Tricep dips on the edge of the Pilates Chair

- Chair pull-ups – abs and arms work hard on the Pilates Chair to jack-knife your body.

Station 2 – Abs. This station is hardcore!! – 1min

Alternating ab exercises each round – a selection from; Sit-ups, plank, Russian twists, window-wipers – or whatever Chantal, Simon & Lote dream up. Given we are a Pilates studio, you can be sure we’ll work your core hard!

Station 3 – Kettle Bell swings – 1min

We alter this exercise depending on your level, starting with double arm swings where you use the power in your legs to squat then thrust a kettle bell overhead. We have a range of weights to choose from. More experienced cross-trainers do one arm exercises – but remember, the power comes from your lower body and core rather than just arms!

Station 4 – Cardio station – 1min

This station gets your heart pumping! Chantal, Simon & Lote change up this exercise – a selection from; Ladder weaving, Toe Taps, Star jumps or similar.

Station 5 – Butt thrusters – 1min

Lie on your back with a weighted ball siting on your hips – now thrust your hips to the ceiling – repeat until your buns burn!

Station 6  - Upper body workout TRX – 1min

Using the TRX attachments, work your upper body with exercises such as standing press-ups, bicep curls etc.

Start position for Kettle Bell Thrusters

TRX bicep curls

When is it on and how much does it cost?

A 12 trip Concession Card is $180 – $15 a session (time limit applies), or you can pay casually at $20 each class. Check out the timetable here…

What do I need to bring to this class?

Wear good sneakers and comfortable exercise clothes that don’t shift during movement. Also please bring a drink bottle and towel, you’ll need them!

How do I join up?

Existing Client? If you are an existing Dynamic Pilates customer, please book in to this class via the link above as for your other classes. Please let Chantal know you are joining the class and she can answer any questions you may have.

New Client? We’d love to see you in the studio! Please send us an email at bookings@dynamicpilates.co.nz and we can do the necessary paperwork. There is no monthly fee for joining Dynamic Pilates, you only pay for the classes you attend.

To make sure you are fully protected, you’ll be asked to complete a health screening assessment as part of your New Member Application.  This form helps to advise us of any health issues that may affect you during the class. It is recommended you check with your medical practitioner before commencing any of our classes.

To download a Health Screening Form please click here

Tricep dips Chair pull-ups Hip Thrusters

Abs - scissors