Dynamic Pilates Classes

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Pilates Mat classes: “The foundation”

The Mat is where everyone starts and where everyone must continue their Pilates journey. Whether you use equipment or not, to be Mat fit is to be Pilates fit. It is here you gain all your fundamental Pilates knowledge and begin accessing total control of your body!

Mat class sizes are kept to a maximum of around 14 people to ensure all the benefits of hands on guidance are maintained, with individual guidance provided when needed. Classes are around one hour in length. All participants are required to attend the Mat Introductory Course before moving on to other Pilates classes.

Equipment used throughout Mat classes include Mats, Power Circles, Weights, and some props (when needed). All equipment is provided by Dynamic Pilates, but you are welcome to bring your own mat. Mats are available for sale at the studio.

Introductory Mat Course

An introduction to the principles, phrases and foundation exercises used in Pilates. The course raises awareness of posture, breathing and controlling body movement. Once completed you can then move on to the beginner classes.

Beginner Mat

These classes expand on what has been taught in the introductory course, deepening the movements to the next level and introducing new more challenging exercises.

Intermediate / Advanced Mat

These classes are for those who have mastered the beginner exercises with control and proficiency, you are worked at a deeper level of control and new challenging exercises are introduced.

Pilates Reformer: “The feel good”

While all Pilates makes you feel amazing, the Reformer tweaks everything and gives it that little bit extra. New challenges, more support and more length; using the Reformer is the ultimate body treat and the perfect compliment to the Pilates Mat workout. Reformer sessions are limited to 4 clients at a time – availability is very limited.

Pilates Tower: “Long and strong”

All Pilates makes you taller, but the Tower is where you will notice it happening all the time! Tower work focuses on movement and flexibility of the spine more than other Pilates workouts and asks or develops a little more upper body strength. Tower is perfect for those wanting to add extra stretch and more strength to their Pilates body.

Pilates Chair: “Balance and Isolation”

The Chair is the equipment that asks for a little bit more. When using the Chair you always know what the focus is! Using your Pilates connections to isolate parts of the body and focus these areas independently, you will notice your strength grow with each pump of the pedal. Often rising high on the chair will add challenge to your balance and the centreline of your body. Chair is perfect for remedying imbalances in the body while giving a full, fun workout.

Cross Training

A high energy circuit style session to get your heart pumping and your lungs gasping before breakfast. Think squats, lunges, kettle bell swings, tricep dips and of course some great abdominal exercises! You’d think one minute stints on each exercise would be easy – it’s not! However this class IS suitable for all fitness levels as you work at your own pace to improve both cardiovascular fitness and strength.

This is not a Pilates based class and does not require you to know any Pilates moves. Class sizes are controlled to ensure our instructors can make sure everyone has proper form, and to add modifications if needed. You can join a Cross Training session anytime – go on, try it out.

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What to bring to your class

Wear comfortable exercise clothes that don’t shift during movement. Also bring a drink bottle and towel. If you are doing Mat, we request you to bring your own Mat, or at least a towel to cover our Mats. (We have a few loan mats available). Pilates is generally performed barefoot or with socks, however sneakers are required for Cross Training and Boxing sessions. Finally, bring an open mind and a willing body!

Health Screening

To make sure you are fully protected, you’ll be asked to complete a health screening assessment as part of your New Member Application.  This form helps to advise us of any health issues that may affect you during the class. It is recommended you check with your medical practitioner before commencing Pilates/CrossTraining/Boxing.

To download a Health Screening Form please click here