Welcome to Dynamic Pilates

Pilates is a movement system originally developed over 70 years ago. It was originally referred to as ‘the art of control’, which emphasised precise, concentrated and flowing body movements all designed to improve toning and flexibility – but not add bulk.

Why Choose Dynamic Pilates?

Regardless of your level of fitness, age, or whether you live an active lifestyle or not, Pilates is an excellent way of maintaining or getting your body into peak condition.

At Dynamic Pilates our emphasis is on giving you an energising workout that will help to promote the absolute right physical balance for you.

The workout provided with Dynamic Pilates may be very different to that which you have experienced in a gym. It is intensive, fast and focuses on key result areas in a programme that can be modified to individual needs.

We work with you in a very individual way…

How you take Pilates is up to you.

  • We offer individual or group classes.
  • We also offer the flexibility of classes ranging from mat through to the very latest in Tower or Reformer equipment sessions.
  • If you would like us to come to your work or home, that’s no problem.

There are a number of benefits you will start to enjoy if you take up Pilates:

  • Energy
  • Injury Prevention
  • Toning
  • Muscle strengthening / lengthening
  • Posture and balance
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports injury
  • Flexibility